Anaya's Autumn Essentials
Hi, what are you doing?” my friend called. 
Nothing much, sitting inside my blanket’, it’s chilly.” I replied.
Feel like drinking a Pumpkin Spiced Latte?” she asked.
“Pumpkin spice…..hmm….sounds good, Ok let’s go.” I said.


In the era and the place that I live in, Pumpkin is synonymous with autumn. The nip in the air, subdued sunlight, overcast sky, chilly winds and it’s time to organize the closet. Pack away the Summer Closet Essentials and bring out the Autumn Closet Essentials, as I like to call the hijabs, jackets, shoes and perfumes that I love to keep handy for autumn. I enjoy organizing my closet, as it is a good opportunity to evaluate what I have, what needs to be replaced, or replenished and added to the closet.


Here at Anaya Clothing, we would like to share some Autumn Closet Essentials that would make a great addition to your Autumn Wardrobe.


1. Farrah Jersey Hijab

The first thing I gravitate towards as I start feeling the autumn nip in the air is my jersey hijabs. They are warm, soft and do not add volume to my head. The Farrah Jersey Hijab is a must-have essential for the Autumn Wardrobe. It is available in many colors, easy to wear, looks chic, and provides the much-needed warmth. A life-saver! And the best part of these hijabs is that they can be worn for all occasions. You can wear them casually or for an evening out. Wear a necklace to jazz up your look for an evening out!


2. Maysa Rose Hijab

Transitioning from summer to autumn and if jersey is not your thing, then try the Maysa Rose Hijab. It is not too thick and not too thin. It will keep cozy and warm from the chilly wind and not make you feel too stuffy when indoors .It is available in 4 neutral shades, ranging from charcoal, to purple, nude and grey. The subtle print adds a playful edge to the hijab.


3. Tara Jacket

When running errands or going about my daily business, I like to wear warm, chic and long jacket or coat that can keep me snug when I am outdoors and cool when I am indoors. The Tara Waterfall Coat is a must have for the Autumn Closet. This trench coat with a twist is a chic and trendy outfit. The lapels give it sharp edges while the belted detail gives it a feminine touch. It can be worn casually over jeans and sneakers or for an evening out with heels and an evening clutch.


4. Nia Abaya

There are many of us, who prefer wearing an abaya rather than coats or dresses for our modest wear. Autumn/Winter can pose a problem to wearing abayas that are warm enough to keep us from feeling too cold, once we take off jackets or coats. The Nia Abaya is a great addition to our closet. This abaya is made from jersey, thus it has a natural tendency to provide warmth as the temperatures dip. It is available in 5 beautiful colors and can be worn for all occasions. If going for a cup of chai or coffee, wear it with sneakers and wrap yourself up with a trendy shawl or a denim jacket. On the other hand, you can team it up with heeled boots or shoes, a trendy evening clutch or bag and an evening sweater to glam up the look for a chilly Autumn Evening out.


5. Clara Midi Dress

This stylish, comfortable dress is a great addition to your everyday or work wardrobe. The pretty cuffs and collar add a mild feminine touch to the dress. A soft textured, midi length dress, it can be worn with leggings and boots or trousers and low heeled power shoes for a great at-work look. It is available in grey and black, thus leaving you with a blank canvas to paint your autumn colors on it. Team the grey Clara Midi Dress with burgundy boots and burgundy hijab for a feel of the autumn. Add dashes of color to your navy Clara Midi Dress, with hijab in the hues of rust, ochre, gold.


6. Perfumes 

Anaya Clothing offers a variety of perfumes for all occasions and seasons. Gold, is one such perfume that has the has the notes of Neroli, Bitter Orange and Raspberry mixed together with strands of Jasmine, Honey and Patchouli is apt for Autumn. Feel free to play around with the other fragrances at Anaya Clothing and envelop yourself in warm scents this autumn.


I feel an urge to go and organize my closet now after writing this. I am sure you do too. Have fun preparing for autumn and we at Anaya Clothing are always very happy to help.                 






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