Anaya Woman Perfumes for All Seasons

Fragrances are an essential part of a Muslima’s life… Floral, exotic, fruity, spicy, oceanic are the some smells that I have personally loved at various phases of my life. I love walking into stores that carry perfumes, as their heady scent always lifts my spirits. As a modest Muslima, I always strive to smell good, but avoiding overpowering smells in public places.


Smelling good is primarily important for ourselves. It keeps our spirits up, enhances our mood and generally make us feel better. The choice of scent to wear changes with the weather and mood of a person. On a hot summer day, you would prefer a fruity smell to an exotic and heavy scent. Whereas, on a lovely spring day, you would prefer to surround yourself with heavy or light floral smells, that enhance the loveliness of Spring. As a modest Muslima, finding halal scents is a worry at times.  

At Anaya Clothing, we have a range of perfumes that not are halal but will also satisfy all your needs and come in very easy to carry bottles. You can slip in into your handbags and apply them as you go.

Let’s have a look at them;


TEMPTATION1. Temptation

The first one on the list today is aptly called “Temptation”. It is perfect for spring and Early Summer. This lovely floral smell with top notes of Pink Pepper, Hyacinth, Patchouli, Iris and Pineapple, will keep you in a happy mood throughout the day. The varied heart notes of this perfume, lemon and Jasmine, will make the fragrance unpredictable. You might smell it differently each time you move. I think it’s safe to say, that this Spring Fragrance will definitely bring a spring to your step in the day.



GLAMOUR2. Glamour

As spring gives way to summer, it’s time for a change in the fragrance. Floral smells make way for fruity scents. The long hot summer days, are borne better when surrounded by the feminine scents. Our next perfume Glamour, is a fragrance for the modern Anaya woman ready to take on Summer! With its powerful blend of Tuberose, Tangerine, Strawberry and Pink Pepper, it should cool the heat of the day for you. The base note of Powdery Woods, will give a sensation of cool and shaded places, thus helping you keep calm, as you run your errands in a hot summer day.


3. Lady 

Anaya Clothing offers another wonderful perfume for the lovely summer months. Lady, as it is called is a combination of floral and fruity scents. A contrasting perfume, with top notes of Grapefruit and Pink Pepper it is a fun smell to wear in the day. The strands of rose and geranium give off an elegant and timeless fragrance settling down to a sensual musk base note. A beautiful fragrance for an evening out. 


4. Gold

Green turns to Gold in autumn. The creation of Allah swt, mesmerizes with its shades of gold, red, orange and brown. It is a sight to behold. As the temperature cools down, you yearn for warm mugs of tea and coffee. Gold , as it is aptly called is your go-to fragrance for autumn. The scents of Neroli, Bitter Orange and Raspberry mixed together with strands of Jasmine, Honey and Patchouli combine into a playful and determined smell. Perfume yourself with this lovely scent for a hanging out with your friends and family and glorify Allah swt for the beauty of His creation.


INNOCENT5. Innocent

Innocent, as the name suggests is a distinctively floral oriental fragrance. As Winter sets in, the warm notes of mandarin, pink pepper, peach and ambery notes provide warmth while the cold winds buffet around us. The combination of the strands of Patchouli, lilac, geranium mixed with the scents mentioned above, strike a unique note. It stands out and makes the one wearing it, appear different and unique too.


At Anaya Clothing, we have you covered with halal, exotic, unique and season-sensitive fragrances for the year round. We hope that you have a great time wearing these as much as we had preparing them.

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