Modest Workwear Abayas to Create the Best Professional Image

Modest Workwear Abayas to Create the Best Professional Image


Abayas are part of Islam culture since the time unknown. You will find its roots in the Holy Quran, according to which daughters and wives of Muslim men are to be covered in a loose garment. This way, they are protected and men can easily recognize them. (Qur’an 33: 59).

However, trends have changed. This cloak-like garment with cultural significance is now worn with a unique charm and confidence by working women. Many women are checking online stores to buy workwear Abaya and create a professional and sleek appearance. Take a look at some abaya styles that are ideal for any work setting.

Modern Abaya Styles for Working Women

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Many women want to wear plain Abayas, but current fashion trends have replaced the old and traditional Abayas with modern outfits. Black plain Abayas with embellishments, shimmer, or embroidery looks have been replaced by garments which are more feminine and sophisticated.

You will see Abayas with different cuts, designs and shapes, which gives you a polished look. It offers a convenience that you pull it over your night suit and head on for an anniversary dinner. Well, designers from different countries and cultures have been experimenting with this outfit. They have played well with the styles of the sleeves, fabrics, and cuts. Here are some styles which are prominent in the market:

Abaya with Bell Sleeve: It is one of the most elegant featuring sleeves that flares gently from the elbow onwards. It complements best to the loose fitted Abayas.

Butterfly Sleeve: Flaring widely from the armhole these sleeves extend to the wrist or elbow. It provides the cape effect which gives a beautiful butterfly look.

Baggy Style Sleeves: It features baggy sleeves that give a fashionable look to any plane looking Abaya which is apt for a professional environment.

Cuffed Sleeves: This type of Abaya features long and tightly fitted cuffs of various styles at the wrist. It includes designs such as satin fabric design, buttons on the end of cuffs, embroidery at the end of cuffs or ribbon work at the edges.

Puffed and Long Sleeves Abaya: It features Abayas with balloon-shaped sleeves which are tight at the wrist.

The Closed Abaya: Closed Abayas look both gorgeous and contemporary.


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They are easy to slip on and convenient as you don’t need to worry about the buttons coming off. 

The Open Button Abaya: It comes with buttons along with it at the front. It is easy to wear and comfortable as your movement is not restricted. You will need to wear leggings or pants underneath.

The Abaya Cardi: It is more akin to cardi which may come with a sash or belt. It looks voguish and comfortable to wear. You can flaunt the same at any occasion. 

The Kimono: It is inspired by a Japanese kimono.


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In this style, one side crosses over the other and comes with a sash. It gives you a stylish look which you can wear on any occasion. 

The Draped Abaya: It is inspired by the Grecian draped gown which comes with a comfortable design. It enables the free movement which features the free-flowing fabric that easily glides on your skin.

Also, all these come with embroidery and exquisite patterns. We hope you are inspired to get fabulous new workwear. Browse through our collection here and buy Abaya online.

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