Winter and the Office – The Fashion Tips That Will Keep You Warm and Stylish While at Work

Finding the right outfit for the office is always a pain.

You’re constantly trying to balance your need to be appropriate for the office and you’re desire to exhibit your own sense of style while you’re there. You don’t want to turn up in something that makes you look frumpy and dour. But at the same time, you know that you can’t go overboard with your choices when you’re in a work environment.

And then…we throw winter into the mix.

When the temperature drops, you’ve got another thing to worry about. Now, you’re outfit need to provide adequate warmth and comfort, while still being suitable for work and stylish to boot.

It’s enough to make your head spin!

But stop stressing out. It’s possible to get it all right when it comes to your winter office wear. And with these tips, we’re sure that you’ll hit the nail on the head and be able to wrap yourself up warm while feeling completely happy with the style on display.

Tip #1 – Layers Are Your Friends

This is one of the most basic tips when it comes to winter fashion, but it’s as applicable in the office as it is anywhere else. In fact, using layers can help you to create that style that you’re looking for while keeping yourself warm.

For example, imagine wearing a maxi dress with a nice, thick pair of black leggings underneath. The layers do the job in terms of your winter warming needs, while the combination of the two layers looks the part when it comes to a formal office environment.

Up top, you can add a cardigan or scarf to the mix for that extra touch of warmth to a shirt (or even an abaya!). What we don’t recommend here is trying to layer up with a jacket. While you make look the part, this idea usually isn’t appropriate for the office. The obvious exception here is a suit jacket or blazer, though this works best if you have a blouse underneath. It may not look quite as good when combined with a full-body dress, like a kimono or abaya.

Tip #2 – Go For Practical When it Comes to Your Footwear

You may like to wear heels around the office, but winter brings with it some treacherous conditions that make heels a bad choice.

Let us set the scene.

You head out of the house and breathe in the cold, fresh air that a nice winter frost brings with it. You get into the car and head to the office. After parking up, you step out in your heels and head to the building…

And then you hit a patch of black ice as you’re walking.

The heel on your shoe gets caught up, you can’t catch your balance, and now you have a nasty accident on your hands.

Nobody should have to sacrifice their health for their stylistic choices.

We recommend that you always go for a set of stylish flats as your office shoes for the winter. If you’re feeling particularly bold, you may even be able to get away with boots. The right pair of boots can offer more support and plenty of grip. Just make sure that they match your outfit or they’re going to stand out.

Of course, the alternative is to wear flats until you get into the office and then switch them out for heels. But this does mean that you’re going to be carrying a pair of shoes around for the rest of the day!

Tip #3 – Add a Dash of Colour

Let’s be honest…

Winter colours can get a little drab.

We usually associate this time of year with darker colours. There are plenty of blacks, browns, greys, and similar dark tones to go around. And of course, there’s nothing inherently wrong with any of these colours.

They can just start to feel a little heavy if you’re wearing them day after day after day!

A little bit of added colour can really help your outfit stand out and be a mite more interesting during these dreary days. And this is where you’re accessorising will come to the fore.

For example, you could add an emerald scarf to an otherwise dark outfit to create an interesting contrast. A lighter or brighter colour for your shoes can also add that touch of colour. But in this case, we’d recommend that you avoid white shoes as these may clash a little too much with the rest of your outfit, in addition to perhaps not being perfectly suitable for the office.

Tip #4 – Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

Cotton and similarly light fabrics may not be the best choice for sitting in a chilly office all day.

This is the time of year where you get to experiment with a few of the fabrics that you’d normally avoid because they don’t breathe especially well.

Knitwear is an obvious favourite here. A nice woollen cardigan can certainly look the part, in addition to giving you that warmth that you’re seeking. Other great fabrics for this time of year (that are also suitable for the office) include cashmere and corduroy. You may also want to consider sflannel, if you think you can get away with the check patterns.

The point is that you may need to put a bit more thought into the fabrics you’re choosing. We recommend cotton underneath, with layers of a warmer material on top. This will keep you nice and toasty on your way to the office while giving you the option to take off a layer if the office heating starts to overwhelm you.

The Final Word

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll stay stylish and appropriate while giving yourself that shot of warmth that you really want in the winter.

Now, it’s time to shop around for a few outfits for the office.

At Anaya, we offer a wide range of modest clothing that’s perfect for both winter and the office environment. Take a look around our store and we’re sure you’ll find something that’s perfect for you.

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