The Modest Fashion Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

The Modest Fashion Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

There’s always a little bit of a struggle that you need to come to terms with when you’re dressing modestly.

On one hand, you want to ensure you’re not showing off too much. That’s the entire point behind being a modest dresser.

On the other hand, you’re limiting your options a little. The style tips that apply to other types of fashion don’t necessarily apply to you. Or, you’re going to have to adapt them to fit with your modest choice of clothing.

That conflict may lead to you making a few mistakes as you’re trying to select an ensemble. Here are three that you should try to avoid.

Mistake #1 – Wearing a White Shirt With Everything

We understand the temptation behind wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with every dress that you have. It’s quick, easy, and white pretty much works with everything.

But it all starts to look a little samey if you’re wearing the shirt every single day. Plus, a fresh white shirt may take focus away from the dress itself.

If you’re going for short sleeves, consider wearing a jacket or shirt on top to cover your arms. You still retain your modesty but you get to change things up a little depending on your mood and the type of dress you’re wearing.

Mistake #2 – Not Thinking About the Weather

So many people will tell you that layers are the key to dressing modestly.

That’s certainly the case. For example, if you have a midi skirt that shows a little too much of your legs, you’ll naturally want to wear jeans or leggings underneath to cover up.

That’s usually fine…until the weather starts getting warmer. Layers become very uncomfortable when the sun’s bearing down on you.

That’s not to say that you can’t use layers in these conditions. You just need to make sure the material is light and breathable so that you stay comfortable.

Things get easier when the temperatures drop again. During the colder months, your biggest challenge will come from finding layers that work together.

Mistake #3 – Not Buying Based on Your Body Type

It’s easy to assume that anything long and flowing will fit the modesty bill.

However, you still need to buy for fit. Failing to do so could leave you with clothes that hang off your body and look unflattering. While the point isn’t to showcase your figure, you also don’t want to wear something that clearly doesn’t fit.

It helps to get yourself measured before you buy, especially when buying online. Check the size guides that the store provides to ensure you’re not getting anything that will fit poorly.

This is important on a comfort level. Poorly-fitting clothes will either bunch up if they’re too lose or start to pinch if they’re too tight.

The Final Word

The key tip for avoiding these mistakes is to put a little thought into your fashion choices.

Make sure you know your size and move your thinking away from the basic layering ideas that come to mind.

Finally, take some time to explore all of your options. That’s where Anaya Clothing comes in. We offer a huge range of modest fashion options, including Abayas, Kimonos, and Midi Dresses. Check them out today.

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