The Modest Academic – The Tips for Dressing Stylishly and Modestly

The Modest Academic – The Tips for Dressing Stylishly and Modestly

The academic will always face a few style challenges along the way.

You turn up on campus wanting to look the part. You need to mix the professionalism required for the setting with the desires of the fashionista who lives inside of you.

And you’ve got to do it all while maintaining modesty at every step.

It’s a difficult balancing act. But with these tips, you’ll wow everyone with your academic style while still maintaining the modesty that’s so important to you.

Tip #1 – Dresses Over Trousers

The temptation is to always go for trousers just because they offer the easy option. They cover your legs, which covers the modesty side of things.

But…they can also get a little boring. There’s just not much variety that you can add to your ensemble when you’re always limited to wearing trousers.

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to give up on the trousers entirely. You can add a little extra flavour into the mix with a dress that goes over the top of them.

Pair a dress shirt with an elegant pair of trousers to add some dimension to your look while still maintaining your professionalism. A Midi Dress works really well here as it gives you a little space at the bottom to showcase your trousers while giving you coverage everywhere else.

That means you can create some colour contrasts while maintaining your modesty.

Tip #2 – Try an Abaya

Perhaps you don’t want to go through all of the hassle of combining several garments to create your look.

That’s okay too because an Abaya provides you with an all-in-one solution. These elegant and long dresses come with full sleeves, which means you don’t have to worry about wearing anything underneath.

A subtle pattern can help you to add a little bit of flavour to the garment if you feel like it might be a little too formal. You could also accessorise with a belt over the top to provide some separation between the top and bottom halves of the Abaya.

Tip #3 – Add Some Personality

Speaking of accessorising, there are several types of layers that you can add to your choice of modern clothing to make things really pop.

Let’s say you’ve gone for an Abaya and the belt alone doesn’t quite work for you. That’s not a problem. Just add a small jacket into the mix and you bring a little more colour and variety into the package.

Again, you’re not compromising your professionalism here, assuming you don’t choose a gaudy or overly-casual jacket.

If a jacket’s not for you, try using a cardigan or a shawl to bring something extra to the outfit. Of course, a hijab that offers an interesting colour or pattern contrast will also work well here.

The Final Word

You don’t have to compromise on style when you’re going for the professional look. It’s just a case of getting a little more creative with your choices and accessories.

These small tips will help you to dress modestly and fashionably as an academic. Check out the Anaya store to find plenty of options for your developing wardrobe.

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