The Kurta Styling Tips for the Petite Woman

You feel like you’ve found it. After hours of searching, this is the kurta for you. Eagerly, you snap it up and rush it home.

Then, you try it on…

And it just hangs from you. This kurta that looked so amazing in the store absolutely dwarves you.

Every woman of a certain petite stature has run into this problem at some point in their fashion-loving lives.

We want to make sure that it doesn’t happen to you. These are the styling tips that will ensure your kurta looks the part, even if you’re on the smaller side.

Tip #1 – Go For a Slim Fit

There are all sorts of fits that you can choose from when it comes to a kurta. Now, the wider fit garments may offer a tad more comfort, and they’re certainly more fun to wear when you’re in the house and don’t have to worry so much about your appearance.

However, this type of kurta hangs off your shoulders like a huge sweater.

When you’re out in public, a slim fitting kurta is usually the way to go. It complements your body shape much better and ensures you don’t get lost under all of the extra fabric.

Tip #2 – Opt for Darker Colours

There’s something of a strange phenomenon that shorter women have to deal with when it comes to their clothes.

The big, bold, and beautiful colours that catch your eye in the store just don’t seem to do much for you when you’re wearing the garment. As strange as it may seem, bold colours seem to emphasise the fact that you’re on the petite side of things.

But darker shades create a sort of illusion that makes you appear a little bit taller than you really are.

The good news is that black isn’t the only colour that achieves this effect. Dark grey, maroon, navy blue, and similarly darker tones work just as well. A kurta with a monochromatic design that features one of these colours will make you look much taller.

Tip #3 – Stick to the Same Colour With Your Bottoms

Most women will want to wear a pair of leggings or trousers underneath their kurtas, especially as the garment doesn’t cover the whole of the leg.

Now, you make think this is the perfect time to introduce a little contrast to the equation. You have this monochromatic kurta, so the trousers are a chance to add some colour into the mix.

However…you may just want to hold on a little with that idea.

When you wear lighter colours on your legs, you’re drawing attention to them. And by doing that, you’re highlighting the fact that you’re on the petite end of the scale.

Of course, if that’s what you want then you should absolutely go for the contrast. But if you want to create the illusion of height, we’d recommend sticking with the same colour group as that of the kurta.

And in this case…that means going for a dark colour.

Tip #4 – Vertical Stripes Are Your Friend

Let’s say that sticking with dark colours doesn’t suit your tastes. You want bright colours! You want contrast!

That’s perfectly fine. You can still create the illusion of height as long as you focus on the pattern of the garment instead.

We’re sure that most petite women know that vertical stripes create the illusion of being taller than you actually are. The stripes elongate your body frame.

Of course, other patterns can have the opposite effect. Horizontal stripes, for example, can emphasise the fact that you’re on the shorter side of the spectrum.

As a side note, you’re not limited to vertical stripes when it comes to pattern selection. They’re simply the most effective of the patterns for your needs. Having a subtle pattern or design can work well too. The key is that it can’t be too bold and flashy, else it draws more attention to your height.

Tip #5 – Heels Are a Great Choice

Heels are a great accessory for any shorter woman who wants to create the illusion of height. And with a kurta, they’re even more effective.

With a kurta, wearing trainers or other flat-soled shoes can make you seem a little frumpy, almost as though you’re stomping away under the garment.

A nice pair of heels adds literal height, which gets emphasised by your other stylistic choices. They also add a nice touch of elegance to your ensemble, if you’re wearing a kurta for a more formal occasion.

Tip #6 – Belts Can Help

Let’s assume that you’ve already got your kurta and it’s a little bit too big for your frame.

You can bring the billowing fabric under control with a nice belt. The key here is how you position the belt to achieve the effect that you’re looking for.

Ideally, you don’t want to get too top-heavy with the fabric. Having fabric hanging over the belt, for example, just emphasises the fact that you’re wearing something that’s a touch too big for you.

You should use the belt to massage the fabric to the lower half of your body. In this sense, you’re almost turning the kurta into a dress!

Tip #7 – Be Subtle With Your Accessories

Your accessories can be a great way to add a touch of character to your ensemble. But much like with your kurta pattern, you have to take care with your accessory choices.

The larger the accessory, the more it emphasises your petite frame.

For example, large hoop earrings create a stark contrast with your body type. The same goes for long necklaces and bracelets that hang off your wrists.

Smaller and subtler accessories do the job best when it comes to kurta styling for shorter women.

The Final Word

Of course, all of these tips are for shorter women who don’t want to emphasise their petite frames.

If you want to go in the opposite direction, you have a lot more freedom. In the end, the best way to wear any item of clothing is to feel confident in it.

Now, it’s time to get your hands on a kurta. That’s where we come in. Head to the Anaya store to check out our range today.

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