Summer Picks from Anaya

Summer Picks from Anaya

Summer is here! It’s that time of the year to take out our hiking shoes, barbecue grills, trusted marinade recipes, picnic baskets, straw hats, and sunscreen and so much more from our storage. Spring/ Summer are my favorite seasons, though slightly tough for modest wear, as it gets tough to layer away to chicness with modesty. 

Alhamdulillah at Anaya, there are many options to choose from for an awesome summer of stylish and modest clothing.

Let’s have a look


1. Amaya Maxi Dress 

AMAYA MAXI DRESSSummer is month of soft breezes and flowery scents. This boho-inspired flowery print gypsy skirted dress is perfect for picnics with friends and family. The light weight Rayon fabric is not see-through at all. There is no need for extra layers, which is such a relief in the hot summer months ! The buttoned down front adds a simple yet stylish detail to the dress. It comes in 2 very pretty summery colours. You can wear it with long necklaces and chunky bracelets/bangles or a statement neckpiece to add an extra zing to the outfit.


2. Aqila Pink Abaya 

AQILAH ABAYAThis abaya is a must-have for your summer wardrobe! A classic lightweight rayon fabric creation, it does not need any layering underneath, which is a huge relief in summer. The most lovable aspect of this abaya is that it can be worn in 2 ways because of the gold button detail with an adjustable belt .If you are going to a barbecue that has to take place in the evening, then its best to wear it buttoned up, with a colourful hijab, statement necklace and big-dial watch.You will look elegant and stylish for this barbecue or a family eat-out event. For the day look, wear it as a open coat, over a plain white or beige long dress (without sleeves , if you want to), one-toned hijab, with long necklace and a simple bracelet. You can also throw it over a pair of jeans and a long white/beige shirt and sneakers if going for a casual coffee at a pretty roadside eatery. It comes in 2 colours ; black and beige, giving you a big colour palette to choose from for your Hijab, so have fun dressing up for a great summer day.


 3. Maria Burgundy Midi

MARIA MIDI DRESSApart from barbecues and picnics, hiking is another summertime favorite for many of us. Finding a dress that is long, yet comfortable and smart for those trails becomes an issue at times. Luckily the Maria Burgundy Midi, at Anaya is a very good choice for this activity. Its rayon fabric makes it opaque, hence no need to layer underneath it. The long shirt dress with small slits on the sides makes it easy to take long strides or climb over rocks if the need be on the trail. You can wear it either with leggings or jeans or straight black trousers according to your comfort. Team it up with black sneakers with pink details and you are chic-ready for your hike! And if you are like my mother, who loves to click pictures, then this dress will add to the beautiful background of your clicks. The best part about this dress is that you can also wear it for an evening out with your family and friends. Trade your sneakers for black or nude heels, add a statement necklace in pink or beige stones and a black or beige hijab with a small amount of glitter detail and you are ready for a glamorous summer evening.


4. Nyla Soft Pink Kimono

NYLA KIMONOSummertime is perfect for travelling and exploring new places. For this purpose its best to travel light to avoid wasting time in packing and carrying loads of luggage. The Nyla Soft Pink Kimono is a great addition to the travel wardrobe of a vogue-modest hijabI. It is ideal for holiday wear and can be worn in the day as a cover up layer or at the night for an elegant meal. Wear it as a cover up over lose flowy dress with a statement necklace and chic hijab for an elegant evening and throw it over palazzos or jeans for the day look. The lace detail on the trim gives it a sophisticated look. It also comes in 2 colors, hence leaving the colour palette open for you to choose from.

The list for trendy and modest wear at Anaya is endless. We hope you have a good time checking out the clothes at Anaya and have an awesome Summer.

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