Styling Tips with Anaya: Elegant Aqilah Abaya

As part of our Ramadan styling tips series at Anaya, we have put together some further pointers to give you an idea as to how you can sport our elegant Aqilah Abaya throughout this beautiful month. From iftaars, to taraweeh prayers, this abaya can be worn for a whole host of events.


Look 1: Elegance at iftaar  

During the month of Ramadan, it can be common practice in many cultures to invite loved ones to partake in iftaar dinners. Why not step up to the plate, literally, wearing our stunning Aqilah Abaya? Wear this fabulous abaya with beige single strap heels and a grey-beige cotton hijab for a simple, yet elegant look. This look is perfect if you are hosting the get-together, or are going to an iftaar at someone’s house.

Alternatively, try wearing a leather jacket over the top of this staple abaya and team it with a ribbed, blush-toned hijab and a sleek nude clutch to finish off the look. This is a great outdoor-ready look for iftaars at a restaurant or even for an alfresco iftaar, as you’re bound to stay warm after the coolness of the sunset kicks in with a stylish, yet practical leather jacket.


Look 2: Comfort for long summertime taraweeh prayers 

We all know how hot taraweeh prayers can get during Ramadan in the summer, that is why this Aqilah Abaya is the perfect go-to abaya, as it is very light-weight, light-toned (but not see-through) and loose-fitting enough to allow the cool-breeze (or air conditioning) to flow through and keep you feeling at peace during taraweeh prayers. Team this nude abaya with a camel coloured scarf and you’ll be set to go.   

To re-wear the Aqilah Abaya, simply add a twist to your look by pairing the staple piece with a black georgette scarf and a lightweight slouched black kimono. Travelling to the mosque on foot? Then finish off the look with a pair of black pointed flats or camel pom pom detail sandals, to keep your look contemporary and fresh.

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