Anaya’s pleated maxi skirt takes inspiration from the Hollywood glamour of Elizabeth Taylor and carries it straight into modern times for the modest woman.


With a pleated maxi skirt, you can look both elegant and casual using one simple trick:

Pair your maxi skirt with a shirt!


So roll up your shirt sleeves ladies, and get fashion ready. The flowing Hana skirt looks fresh for spring with a tucked or tied shirt for a flattering, but easy waistline. You can even add a belt and style with a coordinating African-tied hijab for a stylish girl-about-town look.



How To Amp-Up Your Style - What Shoes to Wear With Maxi Skirts?                      

Take a leap out of the fashion book of the chicest bloggers out there. Accessorize, accessorize.

Adding some darling details takes this style from effortless everyday to elegant evening wear. So swap those flats for some heels, grab a statement clutch and have a beautiful evening.


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