Modest and Chic Outfits according to body types

It is essential that we know what kind of body we have and developed over the years. Are we petite, or tall? Do we have broad shoulders or carry weight around the lower half of our body? Essential questions we need to answer to find the clothes that fit us well and make us look elegant, sophisticated and confident.


At Anaya, we have abayas and dresses that cater to all body types. Let’s walk through each of them and have a look at the clothes that elevate our appearances and make you feel confident & comfortable according to our own body type.




If you have a slender lower body and seem to carry weight around your middle then, you have an Apple body type.


What you want to highlight is: your shoulders

What you don’t want to highlight is: your waist


HIGH COLLAR MAXI DRESSLong flowy dresses or shirts like the Sana Shirtdress can be worn with leggings or straight pants and boots or shoes for a chic look. Pair it up with a matching Hijab, the perfect nude heels, and you are ready to go! If you are looking for abayas for this body type, then the High Collar Maxi Dress is a must-have! The soft pleats at the front and back draw attention to your shoulders and away from your waist. An added on bonus is that it comes in a variety of beautiful colours.



If you have a body in which the weight appears to be around your hips, then, you have a Pear body type.


What you want to highlight is: your shoulders 

NAIMA MAXI DRESSWhat you don’t want to highlight is: your hips


Dresses and shirts that draw attention away from your lower body are best suited for this body type. Try our Naima Maxi. The stylish embroidery detail at the shoulder and sleeve gives it a feminine edge while the umbrella cut drapes the hips loosely. Other abayas, like the Amalia Maxi Dress & Nia Maxi Dress, are some go to pieces for your wardrobe.



If you have a body in which your weight is distributed between your top and hips with a tiny waist, then you have an hourglass body type.


What you want to highlight is: your waist

SAHAR DRESSWhat you don’t want to highlight is: your top and hips.


Anaya offers a wide range of abayas that have either a cinched waist or a belted waistline. The Sahar dress for example with its luxurious burgundy colour and pleated back with a belt detail on the waist is a great addition to your closet. It also comes in a pretty blush color. The Amal Abaya, Amira Abaya, D-ring Abaya are some must haves! Their attractive, yet modest details at the waist and pleats give them a chic look.




If you have a body, which is long, thin and tends to lack curves then you have a rectangle body type.


What you want to highlight is: your waist

What you don’t want to highlight is: your top and hips.


At Anaya we have a wide selection of abayas and dresses with sophisticated and elegant waist details. From the pretty and semi-formal Amaya Maxi dress, to the formal Neisha Abaya with its ornate lace top, there are loads of dresses to choose from. You can also team our Hana Pleated Skirt with a top of any colour and hijab to add some edge to your look. And the Zarah Peplum Top is a must-have for your closet. The Peplum design gives this body type curves and looks smart and stylish at the same time. Very few people can carry the chic Peplum style easily and people with Rectangle body type are from the lucky few.


There is another body type that I would like to talk about. Though it’s not a conventional one, yet, many of us have this body structure along with any one of the above.



If you have a petite body frame then it's best to wear clothes that add height to your body frame. Try our very beautiful and elegant Jana jacket in black. Its pleated front gives an impression of height and you can play with any color under it for the purpose of layering. It also comes in a pretty pink. Layering works very well for petite frames with shirtdresses and leggings under it. It gives the illusion of height, which is very good for the petite body frame.


We hope that our tips were useful to you. Don’t feel restricted by the tips for dresses in each body type. You can wear whatever you like, as long as it makes you feel confident! You can wear clothes that we have suggested from body types other than yours too. Just team them up with one apparel from your own body structure and you are ready to go!

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