Desi Raindrops first arrived on Instagram in 2013. She has since gained a loyal following of 93.6K looking to the stories of this darling modest fashion influencer. With Desi Raindrops you will find a vibrant selection of both urban styles and formal looks. A London Hijabi, the urban influence is clear to see through her edgy streetwear vibe.

Here is Desi Raindrops dressed up in the Anaya Jana Evening coat:

Looking fine in baggy hoodies layered with culottes and baseball caps, we love how Desi proves that modest fashion doesn’t have to be ornate and dressy, it can be boxy and fresh too.

A versatile fashion blogger, this Muslimah won’t be tied to one style. She also models and curates a variety of elegant looks, including shirt dresses and abayas. Recently Desi has been spotted wearing the Anaya Hariet Dress.

Anaya’s favourite thing about Desi is her passion for the world. On her Instagram, Tumblr and website (which launched earlier this year) you will find an avid traveller. Some of her best pictures include the trendy blogger adorned in combinations of rose-hued linens before the stunning backdrop of the islamic mosaics, scorching desert and landmarks of Marrakech

With Desi Raindrop’s you will find not only a commitment to fashion but, using her own voice and quotes from the likes of Rupi Kaur, to spreading a compassionate message to the world, an icon for Muslim girls everywhere!





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