Hajj Styling Tips From Anaya

Hajj Styling Tips From Anaya

“And proclaim to the people the Hajj [pilgrimage]; they will come to you on foot and on every lean camel; they will come from every distant pass”- Surah Hajj: 27


It’s that time of the year again for those of us who have been invited by Allah swt to head towards His House, to begin disconnecting from this world, pack our bags and head out to the best spiritual vacation ever.

We lose ourselves in the hustle bustle of this world and hence lose sight of our destination that we are headed towards, Allah swt. Hajj is a golden opportunity to find ourselves, repair those connections that have weakened and make new ones. The focus of every hajji, is to worship Allah swt each minute once they begin their physical journey towards the House of Allah swt in Mecca.

To make it easy for us to do so, Allah swt has ordained the state is “ihram” for men and women. Simple clothing, that reflects the humble state of a believer in front of His Lord.

Men find it easy to draw their two pieces of cloth together and move on, but for us women, it’s a slightly different story. We need something that not only covers us modestly, but is also comfortable to wear in all aspects. Finding something to wear which will not only be comfortable and also be easy to wear can be a tough job.

The good news is that at Anaya, you will God Willing find just what you are looking for. Their easy to wear, low maintenance, thin enough to combat the heat, and practical with pockets abayas and dresses are a must have this Hajj. 

Let me share with you the ideal clothing for Hajj this year that Anaya has to offer.


The Mina Abaya

The Mina Abaya - Hajj Styling TipsThe Mina Abaya is fully front buttoned sophisticated abaya. The intelligent use of Crepe fabric makes it low maintenance. Just something you need for Hajj. As it doesn't wrinkle or crease easily, who can sit, walk, lie down if the need be without worrying about it getting wrinkled. The fact that it has pockets, in which you can put your small personal dua book, or personal belongings, makes it a must- have for your Hajj wardrobe.


The Aqilah Abaya

The Aqilah Abaya - Hajj Styling TipsThough black seems the go to color choice for the Hajj wardrobe, it is good to add some color to it too. The Aqilah Blush Abaya is a great addition. This classic style has flattering pleats that shape the skirt, with a delicate belt around the waist. Its 100% rayon, which is a soft but durable material. As Hajj is arriving in the hot summer months, this year, the Aqilah Blush Abaya with its rate of absorbency higher than that of cotton is a great choice. With 2 pockets on each side, to carry personal belongings, this is a beautiful offering from Anaya.


Sade Maxi Dress

This maxi dress comes in a variety of colors to choose from. A very simple yet smart, easy to wear maxi dress, which you can team with a contrasting color hijab and shoes is a go to for easy travel during this Hajj.


Amalia Maxi Dress 

Amalia Maxi Dress - Hajj Styling TipsThis is another offering from Anaya for Hajj this year. It works perfectly if you want to wear lose light weight pants. It has a faltering tie-waist with a full skirt that falls down the hips and legs. It has very smart gold button cuffs that you can use to roll up your sleeves while making wu’du or if the heat is getting to you. Of course, its two pockets come in very handy to stow away personal stuff which you frequently use like tissues, personal dua book, cell phone etc.


We hope all the hajjis have a blessed trip. May Allah swt accept your Hajj, ameen.


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