Hair Care Tips for When You Wear a Hijab

Hair Care Tips for When You Wear a Hijab

As much as we all love wearing our hijabs, there’s no denying the fact that they can take a toll on our hair.

But with a little bit of love and attention, you can make sure your hair looks as gorgeous when you let it loose as it did when you tied it up in the hijab.

We’re going to help you along with a few essential haircare tips that you need to know.

Tip #1 – Don’t Always Go the Same Way

Wearing a hijab puts a fair amount of weight and pressure on your hair. If you’ve ever had hijab headaches, it’s usually for this reason.

However, that pressure can also cause issues with your hair. The hijab’s constantly pulling at it, which can make it look dull and lifeless.

The big issue comes when you tie your hair up the exact same way every single time you wear the hijab. That’s going to mean a constant pull in one direction, which causes damage over time.

The simple tip here is to change the direction in which you tie your hair every couple of days. This allows you to spread the pressure out so that your hair stays healthier while you wear the garment.

Tip #2 – Let Your Hair Breath

You’re going to need to let your hair loose every so often to give it the chance to breathe. This is usually best done at home, where you’re in private and don’t necessarily need to stick to wearing your hijab like you would in public.

However, you can still get a little air to your hair if you prefer to wear your hijab at home. Just make sure you tie it up as loosely as possible. This also helps with the pressure issue that we mentioned earlier.

Tip #3 – Choose the Right Hijab

You may not realise it when you’re shopping, but your hijab choice also has a large impact on the state of your hair. Every hijab feels a little different on your head and you’re going to find that some feel less comfortable than others.

It’s these hijabs that you want to avoid if you’re going to keep those precious looks looking and feeling healthy. A hijab may look great while giving you a constant pulling sensation on your hair. That’s the garment that you need to avoid because it’s not the right fit for your head.

The key is to find the right mix between comfort and style. Once you’ve achieved that, your hair will feel great.

Tip #4 – Wash Your Innerwear Regularly

This may seem like a pretty obvious tip. But it’s also really easy to forget about any innerwear when you’re having a busy day.

Just think about all of the oils that your hair secretes over the course of the day. You also have loose hairs falling off and getting trapped, as well as dandruff, which strikes the best of us. All of this stuff can get caught in your innerwear, which means you’re constantly pressing oil and old skin and hair cells against your healthier hair.

That’s obviously going to create a problem over time.

It’s a good idea to have several sets of innerwear so that you can rotate and wash regularly.

Tip #5 – Establish a Good Shampooing Routine

Wearing a hijab can leave your hair feeling a little itchy at times, especially if you live in a temperate area. The temptation here is to wash your hair every day to get rid of that itchy feeling.

Unfortunately, that may actually be a bad move when it comes to haircare. Remember that your hair secretes a number of natural oils that have the sole purpose of keeping your hair healthy. Constant washing gets rid of these oils, which means they don’t have the chance to do their jobs.

The end result is the dry and brittle hair that you really want to avoid.

Try using a leave-in conditioner to soak up the moisture and sweat that may generate around your hair while wearing your hijab. A dry shampoo can also help as it doesn’t require you to use hot water to wash it out.

In fact, hot water, in general, is a bit risky as it will dry your hair out. Washing in colder water closes the pores in your skin, which protects the hair follicles underneath. It may not be the most pleasant experience, but cold water washing is generally a better option if you want to maintain healthy hair.

Tip #6 – Be Wary of Products

There seems to be a million and one products out there that all claim to be great for your hair.

The simple fact is that many of them aren’t. So many of the shampoos and conditioners you see are loaded with unnatural chemicals that can damage your hair just as much as they clean it.

Ideally, you’ll stick to more natural solutions, such as Argan oil or coconut oil. Both offer excellent hair nourishment qualities without leaving your hair feeling greasy and unwieldy.

Tip #7 – Always Dry Your Hair Before Putting Your Hijab On

We already know this is a trap that many a woman falls into. You’re in a rush so you quickly wash your hair and run it under the hairdryer. However, that rushing means that it’s still a little damp when you put your hijab on.

Unfortunately, this means you’re locking the moisture into a tight and confined space, so it has nowhere to go. And the strange thing is that this constant exposure to moisture can actually dry your hair out, as well as irritating your scalp.

Simply put, you need to give yourself plenty of time to dry your hair out before you wear your hijab.

The Final Word

It can get a little tough to keep your hair in great shape when you’re a hijab wearer. There are a lot of little things that you need to look out for that the average person doesn’t.

These tips will help you to maintain that shine and keep your hair strong. All that’s left is to find the perfect hijab for you in the Anaya store.

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