Five Beautiful Hijab Colours to Complete Your Wardrobe


Gone are the days when hijab was considered a huge turn off in the fashion world. 

Today, the mainstream fashion league recognises hijab as a trendsetter. The world is slowly shifting to buying hijabs with a modern twist - the ones that can complement their look and make them feel connected to their Islamic roots. Several people buy hijab online, but often choose the ones with a similar pattern and colours that they know of. However, there’s a lot of modestly-designed hijabs available in the market, and you can buy those to look elegant and in-style. 

Best Hijab Colours to Complete Your Wardrobe

A lot of women do not know which headscarf to pair with their dress and end up looking mundane. Choosing the right headscarf depends on a number of things including your skin colour, weather, or facial structure. 

We can understand the difficulty level and so we have brought you this article that can make your task easier. Here are the top 5 list of beautiful hijab colours every hijabi woman should own

  • White is Evergreen
  • Nothing beats a basic and evergreen colour. White can never bring your outfit down. In fact, this colour can pair up with any outfit and bring the best out of you (thanks to its versatility). Whenever you are struggling to pick a headscarf for your outfit, you can rely on White. 

    It goes well with any casual outfit. If you are looking for a formal setting, try getting your hands on a satin or chiffon scarf to appear more business-like. Buy ladies modest dresses online and you can find a brilliant variety to select. 

  • Black Rules the Hijab League
  • The two opposite poles, white and black will always be there to have your back. Similar to white headscarves, black headscarves are also must-haves in your wardrobe. 

    Every single hijabi woman knows the importance of black headscarf. It actually rules the hijab fashion. 



    Shop this elegant black beauty for a stunning party look 

    You can find a huge variety in black headscarves in terms of fabric, intricate details, or prints. It is perfect for any casual or formal setting. 

  • Let's Settle With Grey 
  • We already talked about white and black, let us also acknowledge their middle ground because this colour deserves to be on the list. 

    A beautiful combination of two extreme colours, grey is whole in its own. As a hijab woman, you need to have at least one grey headscarf in your wardrobe. This colour goes perfect with yellow, deep red, or turquoise. In fact, you can also experiment by matching it with different colours. 

  • Beige - The Subtle Companion
  • Beige is the favourite colour of women accessories. From shoes and handbags to abayas and skirts, this colour is much celebrated to create a simple and classy look. And now, this subtle colour has stepped into the world of hijabs. 

    Beige hijabs look great with black, brown, and other neutral coloured dresses. You can wear them in any style, and from what we know, you won’t fail to leave a notable impression. 

  • The Trendy Burgundy


    Buy this gorgeous burgundy Rubi Hijab 

    Probably you might not have imagined yourself in a burgundy headscarf. However, you should own it in your closet as this colour - it not only looks perfect with outfits but it also compliments different skin tones. It’s bright, beautiful, and reflects your fine fashion sense. Trust us - you can’t go wrong with a burgundy hijab!

    If you want to shop for different hijab designs, colours, and scarves, explore our stunning selection here. We are here to help you find trendy hijab clothing that can make you look flawless on any occasion. Start your search and find your best hijabs today!

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