Dressing Modestly During Summer – The Three Key Tips

Dressing Modestly During Summer – The Three Key Tips

The mercury’s rising and we’re finally starting to see some of the warmer temperatures that summer’s meant to bring. Of course, we’re still enduring a little rain, but that’s UK weather for you!

Right now, you’re struggling with your clothing choices.

You want to keep dressing modestly. However, the sun’s bearing down on you and making you uncomfortable. How do you strike the balance between keeping cool and dressing as you want to dress?

These three tips will help.

Tip #1 – Avoid Thick Layers

This is the key to dressing modestly during the summer. The temptation is always to go with a sleeveless or short-sleeved dress. However, you’ll have to put another layer underneath that dress if you’re aiming to achieve the modern look. Those layers stack up and can make you feel uncomfortable.

This is where you want to look at the materials used for your clothing. Ideally, you’ll wear cotton and other light, breathable fabrics. Anything heavy will generally exacerbate the warmness that comes from the climate and makes you feel very uncomfortable. It’s also worth avoiding darker clothes as much as possible. These tend to trap the heat and make it you feel even less comfortable.

Tip #2 – Consider a Light and Airy Shirt

Let’s say you do give in to temptation and wear a short-sleeved dress.

You can get away with it as long as you do something to keep your arms covered. Instead of layering underneath the dress, consider wearing a layer on top of it. Specifically, use a light cotton shirt to cover your arms while providing yourself with options.

With this setup, you can always sneak away and take the shirt off for a while to cool down. Again, make sure the layer isn’t thick or heavy. Surprisingly, denim is a fine choice here. Though a fairly heavy fabric, it’s also breathable enough to allow air to flow through.

Tip #3 – Get a Flowing Midi Dress

Anything that’s long and flowing offers the breathability that you need during the summer.

You may want to avoid traditional abayas and kimonos at this time of the year simply because they offer a slightly more form-fitting style.

Instead, consider buying a midi dress. These are single garments, which eliminates the need for layering up top. Plus, the loose fit provides plenty of space for air to flow through the dress and keep you cool.

Wear a pair of tights or breathable leggings underneath the midi dress and you’re all set.

The Final Word

Dressing modestly during the summer does present its challenges. When you’re instinct is to use layers to ensure modesty, you’ll often find that your outfit choices leave you feeling uncomfortable and warm.

These tips will help you to choose an outfit that breathes and keeps you cool when the mercury rises.

Midi dresses, in particular, are a great choice here due to being single garments that encourage airflow. Check out the Anaya Clothing range to find yours today.

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