A Style Date With Nabiila Bee

A Style Date With Nabiila Bee

Muslim fashionista Nabiila Bee will be buzzing by Living Islam this weekend to give you Muslimah’s a touch of styling advice with Anaya.

Are you struggling to find a look that suits your personality? Or maybe just looking to switch things up a bit? At this event you can learn some stylish hijab hacks to keep things in place and looking great, and work out how to layer up your modest lear for a contemporary look.

Nabiila Bee is one of our favourite Fashion Bloggers, as well as a super successful YouTuber and modest fashion designer, famed for creating ‘Western designs with a cultured twist’. We especially love her take on streetwear and those cute bumble bee backpacks! Always embracing individuality, Nabiila understands that we, like bees, all have unique personalities and corresponding work ethics. Which is why, as a designer and style guru, she can take your wardrobe to a place that is designed to work just for you and your modern lifestyle. What better person to help you look your best?

With years of experience fashion blogging and getting to know her adoring followers, Nabiila sure understands the frustration we all feel sifting through tons of rails to find the clothes that work for us. Anaya makes that fashion journey much simpler and more beautiful, with Nabiila to personalise that experience for you.

So stop by Anaya @ Living Islam this Sunday to meet Nabiila herself. For the aspiring vloggers among you we will also be asking about the secrets to her Youtube success. If you can’t make it down to the event, send us a Facebook message with your questions for Nabiila, and keep an eye out for the interview online! If you don't have Facebook, you can always get in touch with us at cs@anayaclothing.com.

See you Sunday!

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