5 Outfit Ideas for Interviews

5 Outfit Ideas for Interviews

Sweaty palms, racing heartbeat, butterflies in the tummy. These are common symptoms we feel when preparing for a job interview. There is so much to prepare, from answers to probable questions, refreshing our knowledge, reading up about our prospective employers to deciding what to wear. Now, deciding what to wear is as important if not more than every other prep work that goes into getting ready for an interview.

As the saying going, “First Impressions are the Last Impressions”, our attire along with our body language are the first impressions we make on our interviewers. It is mandatory to focus on presenting ourselves in an outfit that looks professional, sophisticated and modest at the same time.

Whether you are preparing for your first job interview or a looking at changing your job, here at Anaya, we have the perfect options for you to choose from for your interview and we are very happy to help.

Let’s look at 5 perfect “Job-Interview Look” outfits from Anaya’s Collection:


1.The Saira Abaya 

SAIRA ABAYAIt is crucial to know what kind of culture the place you are interviewing for has; formal , casual, or semi-formal, so you can dress accordingly. For this you can call the HR department of that organization or search up on the internet. Your dress will also depend upon the time of the year or location of the place of interview. The Saira abaya is a classic piece that you can wear for interviews in almost all kinds of industries, at all seasons and all places. It comes in 2 different colours to choose from. The cinched waist and tie detail at the back, give it an elegant look. The material of the abaya which is crepe, doesn't wrinkle easily and has a nice fall to it. You won’t have to worry about it getting creased while travelling or waiting for your turn. You can team it with a contrasting silk hijab, power shoes or heels and one accessory to make it look formal or a brightly coloured cotton/jersey hijab with accessories and easy shoes to look casual. It will work for you in all ways. It’s a definite must-have!


2. The Ameena Shirt Dress

This is another smart and sophisticated piece with ruffles and a pleated detail that will make you look trendy and chic. It is perfect for interviews in industries where the culture is casual and semi-formal. This feminine outfit is great to wear during Spring and Fall. Wearing it with a pair of skinny jeans and matching Hijab and shoes, will give it a casual yet smart look in Spring. A pair of heeled boots, formal hijab and straight pants or tights will look perfect for a fall interview. 


3. The Jana Evening Coat

JANA EVENING COATThis is perfect for a job interview in highly formal and sophisticated women oriented industries like cosmetics, apparel etc. Wearing it with a black shirt, black straight pants , heels and throwing on a simple scarf with pink hues in it, will give you a very elegant, sophisticated and chic look. The dash of pink color against the all black look, will accentuate your femininity. As it also is available in the color black, you can play around the color palette of your choice. Add a thin, elegant bracelet or a thin long necklace to add some glamor to your look. 


4. The Maria Midi Dress

This is another addition in your wardrobe for casual yet chic outfits for interviews. The play of colors on black gives it an edge while not looking flashy. You can wear it with black straight pants, power or heeled shoes and a one-tone black hijab or a cream hijab with matching shoes and black pants to look chic, smart and sophisticated.


5. The Ezra Dress

Last but definitely not the least, the Ezra Dress. This dress comes in 2 colors to choose from, navy and green. With dainty metal button details, this dress gives you a blank, sophisticated canvas to dress up for your job interview. You can turn it formal with a contrasting silk hijab, and power or heeled shoes, an elegant bracelet or necklace, Or team it up with a brightly colored hijab, matching shoes and chunky bracelet for a casual yet chic look.


The outfit options mentioned above are must- haves from the collection at Anaya, but please feel free to check out more at anayaclothing.com.

We, at Anaya pray that you ace the “job-interview look” and land the job of your dreams!

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