High Collar Maxi Dress

The perfect, essential everyday wardrobe staple. Achieve simple yet sophisticated style while wearing this timeless high collar abaya.

  • Soft pleats down front and back
  • High collar neckline, lightweight construction
  • Plain bodice and cuffs
  • Full- length, long sleeves
  • One pocket

Fabric Composition: 95% Polyester & 5% Spandex

Fabric Type: Lycra

Fit Information: A-Line

Fabric Description


Lycra is a type of synthetic fabric that is very elastic. It is also called Spandex or elastane. Lycra is often used to make clothing because of its elasticity and strength.

Size Information

This is a loose fit abaya differentiating in length and width. The width gets wider as the length gets longer by approximately two inches.

Size 8 = 52”

Size 10= 54”

Size 12= 56”

Size 14= 58”

Useful Tips:

Wearing the garment with heels: Select the nearest longer length suitable for you.

Wearing the garment with flats: Select the nearest shorter length suitable for you.